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Niall Horan

Niall Horan
 Full Name
 Naill James Horan
 September 13, 1993
 Astrological Sign
 Mullingar in Westmeath, Ireland

Mother: Maura Nolan / Stepfather: Chris Gallagher

Father; Bobby Horan / Stepmother: Aoife Lally
Chris, stepfather
Greg Horan, brother 
 Sister-in-law: Denise Kelly Horan 

Nephew: Theo Horan

 Ex-girlfriend: Holly Scally (before X Factor)
 Rumoured girlfriends: 
 Amy Green (October 2012 - February 2013), 
Barbara Palvin (November 2013)

Songs He Wrote

Up All Night: 


Everything About You,

 Same Mistakes

Take Me Home: 

Live While We’re Young, 

Kiss You, 

Heart Attack, 

Change My Mind, 

Back For You, 

Summer Love, 

Still The One

Midnight Memories: 

Story Of My Life, 

Don’t Forget Where You Belong

Relationship Status

Niall is Curently SINGLE!!!! 
but there ARE rumors of him having a SECRET GIRLFRIEND!
"I have had girls come up to me and ask me to marry them so im going to have alot of wives" -Niall

Up-close To Niall

Niall's blood type is A

and his penis is 7.07 inches long

Niall Inside His Moms Tummy

Early Life

Niall James Horan was born in Mullingar, County Westmeath in the Republic of Ireland. His father is Bobby Horan and his mother is Maura Gallagher. Niall has an older brother named Gred, and their parents divorced in 1998 when Niall was just 5 years old.

Niall lived at both parents homes before he decided to stay long-term with his dad, and he felt that living in Mullingar was the easiest thing to do back then because all of his friends were there.

Niall’s stepfather is from England and he’s also got family there.

He went to Colaiste Mhuire school and has been playing guitar since he was 11 years old. He’s performed across Ireland including one role as a support act for Lloyd Daniels in Dublin.


Niall’s parent divorced in 1998 when he was only 5. He lived in both parents’ homes before choosing his father’s house. His mother left Ireland and settled in England as her husband, Christ Gallagher, is english. 

Back Round Info

Niall is from Mullingar Westmeath, Ireland, a student from Colaistre Mhuire, Mullingar

What Time Was Niall Horan Born?

Niall James Horan from Mullingar, Wetmeath County, Ireland born 13th of September 1993 at 8:04am at Credit Vally Hospital


Hes Reputation

Niall is the funny one in the band, Older women like him

Liam says hes " Happy-go-lucky" and out to have a good time and loves people 

Niall's Favorites

Film/s: Grease.
Body Part: His Eyes.
Food: Pizza, Nandos.
Album: Crazy Love, Michael Bublé.
Friend: Sean, Scott, Dillan and Brad.
Celebrity Lady: Cheryl Cole.
Shop: Topman.
Drink: Water or coca-cola.
Colour: Blue.
TV Show: Two And A Half Men.
Aftershave: Armani Mania.
Perfume: Chanel Blue, Victoria’s secret.
Computer Game: Fifa.
IPhone App: Flick Kick Football or Sky Mobile.
Way to spend Sundays: Asleep for as long as possible.
Date Venue: Nandos.
Country: Ireland.
Restaurant: Nandos.
Way to relax: Playing the gutiar.
Mode of transport: Plane.
Night out: In Mullingar with his mates having a laugh.
Band:The Script.

A Few More Facts o Niall Horan

Favorite color is Blue

Niall's lucky charm is a pair of white socks

Niall is a huge Justin Bieber fan

He is the only member of One DIrection that is not British, he is Irish

He helps the most in writing the songs

He is 5'7

Like shy girls

Wants to live at Nados

You usually hear him before you see him

Likes when girls play with his hair

Screamed when Justin Bieber followed him on twitter!

Cried when Justin Bieber followed Zayn before him

The Begining

When Niall was ten he was singing in the car and sounded pretty good, his aunt even thought that it was the radio. Niall said "Exactly the same things happened to Michaell Bubble with his dad. Hes my absolute hero so t like the fact the we have a similar story."

Awww....... How Sweet and Random Is He????

For some reason, out of no where Niall gives a load of money to a homless person

Crazy Fans But So Sweet......And So Weird

On Ebay Niall's half eaten vegemite sold for $99,999!

Laugh A Lot Niall

Ok i guess its true..... Niall is the funny one of the group or at least the laughter!

Niall was caught laughing over alot of things. Here are 2 of them i are the most funny ones.

One: After the guys were in a car carsh Niall just kept laughing.

Two: On set of ICarly they had to do 9 takes on one scene because Niall Kept laughing

Miley Has Been Heard In Ireland

When Oen Direction landed in LAX Niall was singing PARTY IN THE USA by Miley Cyrus getting the boys and the rest of the crew annyoed, then the rest of the boys just went along with it.

The Irish Justin Bieber

A couple years ago i think it was during the XFactor Niall Grabbed his guitar and played Baby by Justin Bieber. Niall surround by Liam (in the back) Louis (on his side) and a couple others around him

"What Typpe Of Girl Do You Like?" -Interviewer

“ I like someone who can take a bit of banter, have a laugh, and who likes the same things as me – if you go out with me you have to want to come to a football match. I support Derby County and I always have. I like the natural look. ”  -Niall Horan

Did You Know? Niall is left handed

Did You Know? Niall is a natural brunette

Did You Know? On the X-Factor the producer want Niall to go on a diet

Did You Know? Niall has a life-size cut-out of Barak Obama given to him by Liam for Chrismas

Did You Know? Niall said " I always defend the people I love, even though im as terrifying as....a baby penguin." (Niall is way cuter then a babt penguin)

35 Facts About Niall Horan

  • Niall's middle name is James.

Niall is the only member of One Direction who was not born in the England. He was born in Mullingar, Ireland.

His birthday is 13th September 1993.

His father is called Bobby, his mother is called Maura.

He has one brother called Greg.

Niall Skypes his family and close friends from their tour bus.

He has blue eyes.

Before they named the band One Direction, Niall suggested they should be 'Niall and the Potatoes'.

He believes in no sex before marriage.

His star sign is Virgo.

Niall's microphone has the colours of the Irish flag stuck to the bottom of it.

The only book Niall has ever read is 'To Kill A Mockingbird'.

Niall plays the guitar.

His guitar was the best Christmas present he ever received.

Niall cannot play the piano.

He likes girls with brown eyes.

Niall didn't take his T-shirt off in the 'What Makes You Beautiful' video because he does not think he is slim enough

  • Niall feels awkward talking about his body.

His favourite subject in school was geography.

Niall didn't do his school exams.

He never went to his school prom.

On the X-Factor, Katy Perry told Niall not to let her down. The day their album came out in the U.S. she tweeted Niall saying "Congratulations, you didn't let me down".

Niall had two fish called Tom and Jerry, but they both died because he over fed them!

He is left handed.

He talks in his sleep.

Niall sings in the shower.

He likes to swear a lot, which is why he is normally quiet in interviews.

Niall waxed his legs for charity, but said he wouldn't do it again as it was too painful.

Niall admits to masturbating on the tour bus. He describes it as 'relieving tour bus boredom'.

Niall is a 'Belieber'.

He screamed when Justin Bieber followed him on Twitter.

His favourite animals are giraffes.

He has Claustrophobia, which is the fear of small/enclosed spaces.

His hair is naturally brown.

His Twitter profile is @NiallOfficial.

Holly Scally

Niall was dating Holly Scally before he appeared on The X Factor. He stated that they broke up when he was on the show because he wanted to concentrate on his career. Two years later, she was the victim of a cruel internet rumor claiming she had died of cancer. Since his rise to fame there have been many rumours of relationships, most notably of Niall with Demi Lovato and Amy Green. Niall is yet to confirm whether any of these are true.