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Liam Payne

Liam Payne
  Full Name
  Liam James Payne
  August 29 1993
  Wolverwhampton, West Midlands, England
  Astrological Sign
  Paynee, Daddy Direction,Leeyum
 Geoff Payne, father
Karen Payne, mother
Nicola Payne, sister
Ruth Payne, sister 
  Ex- Girlfriends 
 Shannon Murphy (before X Factor), 
Danielle Peazer (2010-2013)
  Two turtles and a dog, Loki (shared with Danielle.

Relationship Status

Liam is taken as bacon! 

her name is Sophia Smith 

They started dating in July of 2013

More about Sophia at the bottom of the page!

Up-close To Liam

Liams blood type is AB

and his penis is 10.2 inches long! (this longest out of the four)

Early Years

Liam was born in Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England to Geoff and Karen Payne. He has two older sisters, Nicola and Ruth. Liam was born three weeks early, and as a result he had a lot of health problems. He spent the first four years of his life in and out of the hospital having regular tests done. Doctors noticed one of his kidneys was scarred and dysfunctional. To help cope with the pain, he had 32 injections in his arm in the morning and evening as a child. In 2012 Liam found out and shared via Twitter that his kidney was functioning again.[1]

From the age of six, Liam had already started showing signs of singing talent. He would sing for his relatives or pub crowds on karaoke. However, he had his heart set on becoming an Olympic runner, and was a member of the Wolverhampton and Bilston Athletics Club. He would wake up at 5am every day to run five miles before school. His running dream ended at 14 years old when he narrowly missed out on a spot in the England schools team. At that point, he decided to completely focus on his singing, although he still loved his football club, West Bromwich Albion.

He started perfecting his singing skills at the age of 12 when he joined Pink Productions, a performing arts group based in Wolverhampton, that allowed him to showcase his talent in front of a real audience for the first time.

Liam completed 11 GCSEs at St Peter’s Collegiate School before moving on to study music technology at Wolverhampton College’s Paget Road campus, which he hoped would help him learn more about the industry.

Liam is born three weeks early. Until the age of four, Liam had regular tests done in hospitals because one of his kidneys was scarred and dysfunctional. As a child, he has 32 injections in his arm in the morning and evening. Liam was bullied in secondary school and took up Boxing lessons at the age of 12, he was heavily involved in sports. He also was a music technology student in Wolverhampton. Liam wanted to become an Olympic runner and he was a member of the Wolverhampton and Bilston Athletics Club. 

His first audition for the X Factor was in 2008, he was 14. He reached the judges’ houses but Simon Cowell thought he wasn’t ready for the competition.

Back Round Info

Liam is form Wolverhapton, West Midlands, England, a music technology student at City of Wlverhampton College


He is the smart one in the band. He has a very very strong voice. His hair is either straight or  curly.

His NickName is also DADDY DIRECTION as he is the one who is more like the responsible, protective, smart, and fatherly figure of the band.

Sources for the page: Life Story: One Direction

Learn a little more facts on Liam Payne

  • His worst habit is that he worries
    If he could have any superpower, it would be invisiblity
    When he was little he wanted to be an olympic runner
    He has fear of spoons
    If Liam never auditioned for X-Factor he would be a Firefighter or Gym Teacher
    Liam once thought he had 1 kidney but on August 7, 2012 Liam went to an ultra sound and found out he had 2 working kidneys since he was born.
    Because of his fear of spoons he eats icecream with a fork
    He’s 5"10.
    Thinks dedicated fans are the cutest.
    A fan once asked if she could lick his face.
    Cannot live without his hair wax.
    Loves snuggling and Disney movies.

Before and After

Before August 7 2012 Liam Payne thought he had only one working kidney since he was born, so he would try not to drink. So on August 7 2012 he went to and ultra sound and found out that he had TWO WORKING KIDENYS since he was born.
After he got back from the ultra sound he tweeted:

 Just been for an ultrasound on my kidney turns out its fixed form when I was a baby!!! :O so now I have two :) #weirdnewsoftheday


Many fans world the world was so HAPPY that they got #congratsliam trending world wide, if you look at any of the tweets from fans talking about liam most of then say "Liam is my Hero" or something like that, because HE IS.

1st Audition

When Liam was 14 years old he auditioned for X-Factor. Though Liam only made it to the
judges' houses. Liam was sent home when Simon Cowell told him he was too younge and gave
him the advise to wait a couple of years before trying again. 4 years later Liam auditioned once
again in 2010.

Sources: The New British Invation by Mary Broone

"What Type Of Girls Do You Like?" - Interviewer

“ I like girls who are quite quiet but friendly. Looks-wise, I love girls with curly hair, but apart from that I’m open to idea’s! ”   -Liam Payne

1. Did You Know? Liam cried while watching 'Toy Story 3'.

2. Did You Know? If Liam wasn't in the band he would work in a factory building airplanes.

3. Did You Know? Liam wants to get married in his mid-twenties.

4. Did You Know? Liam can beatbox.

Him Teaching You How to BeatBox --->

5. Did You Know? Liam gets emotional while singing 'Moments'. (Bro we all do.)

A "screw"/plus sign +
on ankle
October 12, 2012
Everything I Wanted But Nothing I'll Ever Need
on left forearm
October 20, 2012
Only time will tell...
on right wrist
October 27, 2012
Four chevrons ››››
on right forearm
c. November 7, 2012

a "D"

on left hand

(said to mean "Daneille")

Sophia Smith!!!!

Full Name
 Sophia Anne Smith
 February 9th, 1994 (age 20)
 Wolverhampton, England, United Kingdom

Sophias Links






Sophia has one sister named Zoe. Her mothers name is Anne. Sophia is currently a university student (middlesex University London) studying fashion design. She has also modeled for her friends and models her own designs.


Sophia is the girlfriend of One Direction’s Liam Payne. The two met while studying at St. Peter’s Collegiate School in Wolverhampton, England. In August 2013, they were together and she has flown 5,000 miles in August to see one of the L.A. shows in the US during the Take Me Home leg of the tour. He confirmed that he was dating Sophia during an interview at the This Is Us press conference. However, after 8 months of dating, Liam broke up with her due to the long distance relationship being to hard for both of them.  He claimed that it wasn't fair for her to wait for him while he was on tour. Since then, Liam has tweeted about it. And shortly, got back together. The two was seen in Louis Tomlinson's mom, Johannah, In England

Danielle Pazer!

 Danielle Peazer
 Full Name
 Danielle Claire Peazer
 June 10, 1988 (age 24)
 London, England, UK
 Dancer, model

Danielle Pazer

Danielle Claire Peazer is an English professional dancer and part-time model. It is speculated that after a break-up with One Direction band member Liam Payne, that they are back together again. But this has not been confirmed as of yet, althought photos of the two have been surfacing recently.

Danielle is 1/4 Italian 1/4 English and 1/2 Guyanese. She has an older sister named Sarah. Danielle studied for two years at the English National ballet School.[1] She is professionally trained in classical ballet, but has also studied tap and modern dancing


Danielle has been working in the commercial dance industry since 2007. She has danced for many artists such as JLS, Jessie J, Leona Lewis, Kylie, Taio Cruz and LMFAO. She danced at The 2012 BRIT Awards during "My Heart Skips a Beat" for Olly Murs.

Danielle took part in the London 2012 Olympics as a member of the volleyball cheerleaders.[3]

Liam and Danielle

Danielle and Liam Payne met in 2010 on The X Factor while he was a contestant and she was a background dancer. She was reluctant to date him at first because Liam was younger. However, they began spending an increasing amount of time together until they started dating. In September 2012, rumors surfaced that they had broken up which was soon confirmed by Liam in interviews admitting that he was single.

Danielle visited Liam during the North American leg of One Direction's Up All Night Tour during their Nevada, Arizona, and part of the California tour dates (June 9 - 15). She returned to the UK to participate in the 5k Race for Life taking place in Enfield. Danielle and her team raised over £1,000 in sponsorships by promoting the event on Twitter.

In late 2012 it is thought that Danielle and Liam are back in a relationship again, pictures of them holding hands have surfaced. Although this is not confirmed by either Liam or Danielle.

Which Liam Girlfriend Do You Like Better? Danielle or Sophia?

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