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Harry Styles

Harry Styles
 Full Name
 Harold Edward Styles
 Feburary 1st 1994
 Homles Chapel, Cheshire, England
 Astrological Sign
 Hazza, Haz, Barry
Des Styles, father
Anne Cox, mother
Robin Twist, stepfather
Gemma Styles, sister
Mike Twist (stepbrother)
 Felicity Skinner (before X Factor),
 Caroline Flack (2011), 
Taylor Swift (November 2012 / January 2013)
 RUMORED! girlfriend
  Cara Delevingne (2012/2013), 
Emma Ostilly (2012), 
Daisy Lowe (2013), 
Kendall Jenner (December 2013 / February 2014)


Relationship Status

Mr. Harold Styles is currently Single

his last confirmed relationship with taylor swift ended shortly after their midnight kiss on New Years 2013

Since then Harry has been linked with Kendall Jenner for awhile but nothing was ever made official between them so they remain a rumor

Up-close To Harry!

Harrys blood type is B

and his penis apparently is 8.66 inches long

When Harry Was Inside Anne's Tummy

Early Years

Harry was born in Evesham, Worcestershire, England to father Des Styles and mother Anne Cox. He has an older sister, Gemma. Harry was seven years old when his parents divorced, and his mother later remarried to Robin Twist. As a child Harry loved singing. He’s listed Elvis Presley as one of his influences.

Growing up Harry lived in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England and attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School, a state comprehensive school.

Back Round Info

Harry is from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England, a studet at Homles Chapel Comprehensive School .

Old Stage Fright

Did you know Harry had a problem with stage-fright early on in his career? It’s true! He would often be overcome with nerves before a big performance, and often forgot words to songs whilst performing with the rest of the band. Sometimes he even vomited!

Turn on and Turn offs




Nice Eyes

He perfers Beautiful over Sexy

Has a good sense of Humor

Someone who is Loyal

Likes a girl with a flat, smooth stomachs

Harry finds it cute when a girl wears soccer jerseys

Harrys perfers curvy girls "as they are easier to grab on to"






Source: onedirectionfacts.tumbur.com 

and from this interview with Niall and Harry


More Facts About Harry Styles


If Harry Could Have Any Super Power It Would Be TIME-TRAVLE

Came Up With The Name One Direction




Not A Morning Person

Size: 5'10


Harry HATES olives, smoking, drugs and Niall farting

Used to have blond and way more curly hair

Harry calls his hair bi-polar because some days its curly and somedays its strait

Zayn says he flirts with every girl

He doesn’t like it when girls call themselves ugly.

He’s NOT a morning person.

He wants Louis to be his best man at his wedding. He

can’t live without his phone.



Harrys Favorites

Film/s: Love Actually, The Notebook, Titanic. He doesn’t really have a favourite.
Body Part: Hands, he’s always been told they are soft.
Food: He loves sweetcorn.
Album: 21 by Adele.
Friend: Louis Tomlinson.
Celebrity Lady: Frankie Sandford. (The Saturdays.)
Shop: Selfridges.
Drink: Apple juice.
Colour: Orange.
TV Show: Family Guy.
Aftershave: Blue by Chanel.
Perfume: Alien by Thierry Mugler.
Computer Game: Fifa.
IPhone App: Text from last night.
Way to spend Sundays: Asleep or chilling out.
Date Venue: Restaurant.
Country: England.
Restaurant: TGI Fridays.
Way to relax: He loves getting massages.
Mode of transport: Dog sleigh.
Night out: Going out for dinner with all his mates.
Band: The Beatles or Queen.

Caroline Flack

Caeoline Flack is a british x-factor judge, who dated Harry Styles. As he puts it they were good friends.

Harry and Caroline made alot of news and interviews when in October 2011 they annouced they were dating. Although many people thought it was akward that Caroline was in her 30's and Harry was only 17 at the time. Three monthsafter they stated dating Harry and Caroline broke up. When Harry and Caroline broke up Harry went on twitter and let the fans know the decision to split up was mutual: Harry wrote, " Please know, i didnt 'dump' Caroline. This was a mutaul decision. She is one of the kindest, sweetest people i know."

And that was the end of Caroline Flack and Harry Styles


What Harry Likes In A Girl

On Popstar Mag. Harry told the interviewer this"

" If someone has a nice eyes, that draws you to them"

We All Owe It To Anne Styles

Anne Styles....also known as Mrs Styles....yes the women who gave birth to Harry Styles, the one whom he calls "mum", is the one who summited the application to Xfactor for Harry. Harrys mum filled in the application, sent it to the Xfactor org. and just told Harry " you have an Xfactor audition on  Sunday" and Harrys recation was " what.....ok....cool"



"What Type Of Girls Do You Like?"   -Interviewer

“I don’t have a type, because with some girls I may not find them attractive immediately, but then I really get to like them because their personality is so attractive. I like someone who I can have a conversation with, and I would always look for someone who could get on with my parents. Its important to me that my family like her too.”                  -Harry Styles


Did You Know? If Harry wasn't in the band he would be at university studying and would work in a bakery.

Did You Know? Harry has a Christmas jumper with skiing people on it.

Did You Know? Uncle Simon told Caroline Flack to stay away from Harry.

Did You Know? Harry thinks that if he wasn't in One Direction people wouldn't like him as much as they do.

Do You Want To Know Who Harry's sister is?

Many people frequently ask if Harry has any brothers and sisters, well he has one sister. She is called Gemma Anne Styles and is 20 years old as far as I know.

The picture of Gemma Anne Styles with brother Harry is taken from Tumblr

50 Harry Styles Facts ----- some of which you, may already know

  • His full name is Harry Edward Styles. His Twitter is @Harry_Styles.

  • Before One Direction, Harry used to be in a band called 'White Eskimo'.

  • Harry has a sister called Gemma.

  • His mother is called Anne.

  • 'White Eskimo' performed at a wedding in June 2010.

  • Harry is the youngest member of One Direction.

  • He was born on 1st February 1994.

  • Harry was the one who came up with the band's name 'One Direction'.

  • Harry can speak French.

  • He can play the kazoo.

  • His X-Factor audition song was 'Isn't She Lovely' By Stevie Wonder.

  • Juggling is one of Harry's hidden talents.

  • Harry's favourite film genre is action/adventure.

  • Harry's star sign is Aquarius.

  • He likes to take long showers.

Harry had his first kiss when he was 11.

When Harry was younger his hair used to be straight.

He once applied for a job as a lifeguard.

Harry does not like mayonnaise.

According to Harry's mother, he is very romantic.

Harry said he would date a fan.

Harry likes to take food of other peoples plates!

The boys say Harry is the smartest in the group.

Harry is the biggest game-cheater out of everyone in One Direction.

Louis and Harry first met in the toilets at X-Factor.

Harry once ran through a train station with only his boxers on!

He loves Zayn's cheekbones!

Harry signs his name with one 'r'.

He has Ophidiophobiam, which is the fear of snakes.

Harry's star tattoo on the side of his arms has 5 points for all the members in One Direction.

He says he doesn't understand why girls are attracted to him.

When he was ten, he was attacked by a goat!

Harry said he would pose naked at some point to OK! Magazine.

Harry has soft hands!

Love Actually is one of Harry's favourite film.

Harry likes Milky Way Crispy Rolls!

He dislikes beetroot.

Harry's shoe size is ten and a half.

He kisses on the first date.

He wouldn't date a girl that smokes or swears a lot.

Harry once paid Niall £20 to make him a sandwich. Niall took the money, made the sandwich, then ate it himself!

  • He prefers tea over coffee.

He is very ticklish.

Harry has passed his driving test.

Harry ate his first ever Twinky on 28th January 2012!

He shaved a 'H' into Zayn's leg hair when he was asleep.

Harry knows how to knit.

He talks in his sleep.

He doesn't like reading.

He suffers from hay fever.

Harrys Tattoos

Harry has inked his body with over 30 tattoos in the last year

 Star outline filled star
on left upper arm
February 23, 2012 

The letter 'A'
on left upper forearm
c. May 30, 2012

won't stop 'till we surrender...
on underside of left arm
June 16, 2012

on left bicep
c. July 5, 2012

Iced gem
on underside of left arm
c. July 25, 2012

on left wrist
c. July 25, 2012

Clothes hanger
on left bicep
c. August 8, 2012

on left wrist
c. August 13, 2012

on left collarbone
c. August 13, 2012
Empty birdcage
on left side of upper torso
c. August 13, 2012
Unknown text
on right ankle
c. Aug./Sep. 2012
SSC shamrock
on left wrist
September 5, 2012
Gemma in Hebrew ג’מה
on left shoulder
September 5, 2012
on underside of left arm
c. September 2012
Green Bay Packers logo 'G'
on left bicep
c. September 8, 2012
SNCL (Smile Now, Cry Later?)
on left side of upper torso
c. September 8, 2012
Comedy and tragedy theater masks
on left side of upper torso
c. September 8, 2012

A "screw"/plus sign +
on left side of upper torso
c. September 8, 2012.


on left wrist

Aquarius symbol

  on left wrist

99 pence 99p

on left wrist